Cartoon Quiz


Remember when we went to the movies back in the fifties?  Sometimes we could hardly wait to see what cartoon would be featured before the movie. Below are some of the characters that made us all laugh.  Grab some paper and a pen and take the quiz.




What was his trademark?

What was in his magic bag ?



What was he always hunting?

What was his most famous saying?



Who was his arch enemy?

Who called him "that crazy, darnfool duck.




What day of the week did he say he would  pay for a hamburger today?

What were her two favorite sayings?



Why did he have such a problem when he set out to get dinner?

Who was his elusive nemesis?



What was his favorite saying?

What was the name of his TV club?



Where was he the "the fastest mouse"?

 What are their names?



What was his character based on?

He was king of the chicken coup.  What is his full name?



What city did he own 99% of?

What was her brother's name? 



 What was his IQ?


What was the name of his hit song? 



The only way he was allowed to harm Wile E. Coyote was ?

Can you name at least 2-3 of his favorite sayings?



What were their names? 

Who was he named after? 



What made the ladies run stay from him?

What was his favorite saying?



What was his signature closing line at the end of a cartoon?

Name at least 3 of his favorite sayings.




Who did he always outsmart?

What are their names?




Name at least two of her favorite sayings.

Rather than flee from Elmer Fudd he always faced him down & said what?

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