Listed below are lyrics taken from songs we listened to in the fifties.  Grab a pen and paper and see if you can name both the song and artist.



  1.   Well, it's one for the money, Two for the show, Three to get ready, Now go, cat go

   2.   Take out the papers and the trash Or you don't get no spendin` cash

   3.   I was takin` a bath Long about a Saturday night... yeah! Rub-a-dub Just relaxin` in the..tub

   4.   Every little bird, every little bee loves to hear the robin go tweet-tweet-tweet

   5.   Oh you sweet thing Do I what Will I what Oh baby you know what I like

   6.   Take me to your heart For it's there that I belong And we'll never part

   7.   My need is such, I pretend too much I'm lonely but no-one can tell Oh yes I'm

   8.   Well, I saw my baby walkin` With another man today, When I asked her what's the matter This is
         what I heard her say

   9.   Well since my baby left me I've found a new place to dwell It's down the end of Lonely Street

 10.   You ask how much I needed you?  Must explain?  I need you oh my darling Like roses need rain 

 11.   and-a hold my hand Tell me I'm your lover man Oh baby do ya

 12.   is for the very young Every star's a wishing star that shines for you

 13.  Getting soaking wet Torturing my heart By trying to forget

 14.  A well I bless my soul What's wrong with me? I'm itching like a man on a fuzzy a fuzzy tree My
       friends say I'm actin` wild as a bug

 15.  Too much love drives a man insane You broke my will, but what a thrill Goodness, gracious

 16.  Who's heart is aching for breaking each vow Who'd sad and blue Who's crying too Just like I cried
       over you Right to the end

 17.  where I found you The moon stood still on

 18.  I used to play around with hearts that hastened  my call But when I met that little girl I knew that I
       would fall

 19.  But if you haven't gambled for love and lost You haven't gambled at all

 20.  Well, you can rock it you can roll it You can slop and you

 21.  the girls go by Brother you don't know a nicer occupation Matter of fact, neither do I

 22.  On a day like today We pass the time away Writing

 23.  Bye bye happiness. Hello loneliness. I think I'm-a gonna cry

 24.  Can't hear your mamma call From the early early mornin` till the early early night

 25.  When I kissed you and called you sweetheart? Do the chairs in your parlor seem empty and bare?

 26.  When I want you in my arms When I want you and all your charms

 27.  You know I can be found, sitting home all alone, If you can't come around, at least please telephone.

 28.  It had the one long horn, one big eye I commenced to shakin` and I said "ooh-eee"

 29.  Never know how much I love you. Never know how much I care When you put your arms around me,

 30.  A soft hearted man been the cause of trouble ever since the world began. Oh yeah, ever since the
       world began

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