Pledge Form For HHS Class of '58 Endowed Scholarship Fund


YES, I want to make a pledge, a donation to the Hastings Public Schools Foundation for a scholarship fund in the name of Class of '58! (BASED ON FINANCIAL NEED  and six other guide lines.)


Total Amount: $____________________________________________

Payable in the following manner:

______OPTION #1:

3 year pledge, payable @ 1/3rd per year, 1/2 of the annual on June1st & December 1st on each of the 3 years.


______OPTION #2:

3 year pledge, payable @ 1/3rd per year, billed on June 1st of each year.


______ OPTION #3:

Single one-time payment.




Print out form and mail to:

Class of '58
P.O. Box 126
1130 West 2nd Street
Hastings, Nebraska 68902



Page Created: 2/19/08