Shirley Gates

Dick Kistler

Shirley and Dick were married August 16,1963

Shirley and Dick with grandchildren Eliana & Caleb
50th Anniversary


Shirley and Dick live in San Jose, California.  They have 2 daughters and 2 grandchildren


Judy Hunt

Larry Rader

Judy and Larry were married July 5, 1958
Judy and Larry have 2 sons, 7 grandchildren & 10 great-grandchildren


Gayle Ankeny

Dick Allen


Gail Uhrich

Gary England


Lavonne Weaver

Gary Albright


Deanna Robare

Dick January

Deanna & Dick were married June 13, 1959. 


Connie Jackson

Don Pedersen


Pat Howland

Lester Dilly

Pat & Les have 3 sons

Mary Jane Drew

Gary Reed


Judy Green

Jim Dutton


Sally Dutcher
No Picture Available

Allen Higel


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