Isn't it amazing how much toys have changed since the 50's ?  Today's kids most likely would not know what to do with the toys we prized as kids.

Kids' lists for Christmas this year will most likely include gifts such as Xboxs, PlayStation 3s, Nintendo Wiis, CDs, DVDs, computers, computer games, IPods and cell phones.  Some kids may even be wishing for new cars.

In the fifties, kids spent hours pouring over the Sears Christmas catalog making their wish lists.  Back then, young boys were hoping to get such things as BB guns, Lincoln logs, erector sets, train sets, Robby the robot, bicycles and Radio Flyer wagons.  For years, one of the most wanted gifts by boys was a coonskin cap.  They dreamed of looking just  like Fess Parker who starred on Davy Crocket TV show.

Young girls were hoping Santa would bring them one of the glamorous dolls featured in the Sears catalog.  The most desired dolls in the fifties were Tiny Tears and Betsy Wetsy.  Christmas of 1959 found many little girls hoping they would get the new doll Barbie which was introduced that year.  Other gifts that were on many young girls lists were doll houses, doll clothes, and paper dolls.  Older girls were hoping to get clothes, portable 45 RPM record players and records.

Roller skates were a popular Christmas gift in the fifties.  Kids like us who lived in Nebraska were thrilled if Santa brought them ice skates or sleds.  Remember how much fun we had with Slinkys and yo-yos - we could entertain ourselves for hours.  Kids of today might not believe the toys we received brought us so much joy.

Chances are some of the Christmas gifts we received were purchased with S & H Green Stamps.  Those stamps were issued at supermarkets, gas stations, drug stores and even some department stores.  How many of you remember licking those little green stamps and sticking them into the saver books?  Some of our moms only shopped at stores that offered S & H Green Stamps.  Any of you remember browsing through a Sperry & Hutchinson catalog or visiting a Green Stamps store?

The 50's were indeed a much simpler time!  Those of us who were raised in the 50's are truly blessed!  The Christmas memories the majority of us have are truly irreplaceable.