The reunion committee recently established a scholarship fund in order to award two (2) scholarships annually in the name of the Class of '58.  We are starting to "get close" - HOPE YOU WILL BE ABLE TO HELP "KICK US OVER THE TOP"!  Pledges have been made in many ways and various amounts from as low as $100 to as high as $3,000, can be made as annual installments over a 3 yr. period, can be billed every 6 months or a single payment.  Please give some consideration to the following possibilities: SEE PLEDGE FORM (page 4).   We've  been advised "no other class has ever attempted or done something like this", is quite a legacy being created by the class of '58.


$300 - $100 per yr., 3 yr. (can even be billed at $50 every 6 mos.)

$600 - $200 per yr., 3 yr. (can even be billed at $100 every 6 mos.)

$750 - $250 per yr., 3 yr. (can even be billed at $125 every 6 mos.)


All gifts/donations are tax deductible.

First of all, you do not need to send the money now (can if you wish), we're planning to collect the first payments at the reunion.

Gifts/donations will initially be made payable to the Hastings Public Schools Foundation.  Larry Rader is  President of the Board of Directors.

Shortly thereafter, the funds will be transferred and placed on deposit with the Hastings Community Foundation, a much larger foundation with 7 to 8 million dollars on deposit under their management, thus will be able to get a much larger return, thereby gaining greater assurance that the endowment process will be successful.

Following is a list of contributors (page 2) to this fund through 02-15-08.  Also, following is the criteria for the evaluation process to determine who will be awarded scholarships (page 3).  The High School counseling staff will handle the evaluation process and make recommendations.

At this point in time we are planning to be able to annually award two(2) $1,000 scholarships, one guy and one gal and to have them totally endowed forever.  We have a target of $40,000 in order to achieve this goal.  If we should exceed this goal, we would be in a position to increase the $1,000 amounts.

We believe that we will be able to accomplish this goal.  As of today, we have received 51 pledges from the members of the Class of 1958, totaling $35,975.

The first two (2) scholarships will be awarded at the banquet at our 50th Class Reunion.

If any other information is desired, please call Larry Rader (402) 462-4111 or email Larry.



List of Contributors
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Evaluation Criteria
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Pledge Form
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