HHS Class of 1958 Endowed Scholarship Fund


1.   Financial need!

2.   GPA of 2.50 and above.   The HHS Class of 1958 are not looking for the 4.0 student, feel they will have
      numerous other opportunities for scholarships, but would like to know that there is a reasonable 
      expectation that they will be able to complete their education.

3.   Dr. Bill Curtis, a member of this class is the executive director of the association of school boards in 
     Kansas.  Bill suggested that we also consider ACT & SAT scores.  Indicated that has seen "lower
     grades in the 9th & 10th grades" (weren't that interested in school) but then saw higher grades in 11th
     &12th but total GPA was pulled down because of 9th & 10th.

4.   Craig Kautz, superintendent HPS, suggested that consideration be give to "activities outside of the
      classroom", i.e., holding a part time job, doing volunteer work, band, athletics, other  school club
      activities.  This could be an indicator of personality and future success, etc.

5.   That consideration be given to the "character" of the student.

6.   That at least a couple of letters of recommendation be obtained from teachers, employees, coaches,
      church members, friends, etc.

7.   Scholarships must be awarded to students attending colleges within the state of Nebraska, public or
      private, four (4) year or two (2) year junior/community colleges.


Deanna (Robare) January and Larry Rader met with Steve James, one of the 4 counselors at HHS, on 01-09-08 @ Larry's office.  Steve is the counselor who deals  with scholarship evaluation and recommendations.  Evaluation criterias #1 through #4 had previously been approved by the reunion committee, Class of '58.  Steve recommended that we add criteria #5 and #6, which was readily agreed to.  At the reunion committee meeting on January 31, 2008 it was unanimously agreed to reduce the GPA in #2 from 2.75 down to 2.50 and to add #7.


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